Hot stellar summer.

Yeah, this summer is hot!

Two weeks after the release of the Stellar Squad. I wish I could be cloned… Got a proposition to make SS for steam and mobile – so I’m making a Hd prototype using Unity. There’s enough things to do – exporting assets, rewriting tons of code, redrawing all backgrounds… Can’t really say what time it will take. Plus I’ld like to improve 2d drawn visuals using improved lightning and some particle effects, but we’ll see. At least I’d like to see a working prototype.

And also still working on original game improvement. After publishing several updates and fixing tons of bugs and balance issues I’m currently focused on these 3 tasks:

  1. Localization. The game will be translated into Spanish and Russian languages.
  2. Premium bundle improvement.
  3. Endless mode.

Hope there will be something to show already in a week.

That’s all for now. Have fun!

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